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Barn Hunt is a fun and exciting new sport sweeping the country.

It is a sport for all dogs of any breed or mix. Dogs search for rats in aerated pvc tubes hidden in a course made of straw bales. The dogs must find the correct number of rats within a set time limit. For the dogs, using their terrific sense of smell to find the rats is like finding drugs.

Never A Dull Moment Barn Hunt offers 8 competitions a year. We also hold classes and private lessons. There are fun runs put on periodically to see how your dog has progressed.

Come have some fun with your dog and try the sport of Barn Hunt.

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NADM K-9 Performance Events

Home of Never A Dull Moment Diving Dogs is the premier North American Diving Dogs (NADD) Dock Diving facility in North East TN.   We are pleased to offer dock Diving and swimming for your dog.  Cool your pet off this summer by letting them chase a favorite toy off a dock into a cool pool of clean, clear water.   Great fun for the whole family.

Dock Diving is a new, fast-growing sport around the USA and Canada.  It is a sport for all dogs of any breed or mix.  We offer classes, private lessons, and facility rental for personal practice.  If your dog has never been swimming, we have an introductory course.

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Learn more about North American Diving Dogs competition, rules and registration at their website:

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